• Engagement drives performance
    • Engagement means somebody wants to perform. The motivation is internally driven towards organisational goals. When people in an organisation feel engaged the business does better. This may take the form of increased revenues, lower costs, greater productivity, lower turnover of people, lower absenteeism, more collaboration, more innovation or other measures of effectiveness.

  • Engagement requires a strong narrative
    • One of the characteristics of organisations with engaged employees is a strong strategic narrative that provides purpose and meaning to the work that people do. This may or may not be captured in a pithy phrase, or be the product of a strong leader’s sense of mission, or the distillation of a strong identity – or all of these.

  • Managers are key to engagement
    • Managers at all levels support leaders by strengthening the link between purpose and individuals. Engaging managers flatten hierarchy, recognize and respect colleagues, show integrity, challenge and support, provide helpful feedback, set common objectives and focus people on where the business is going. They display resilience to help themselves and their teams manage through change and they are sensitive to the needs of the people within their teams and elsewhere.

  • Our role is to create better conversations
    • We are facilitators and our job is to deliver on what we see as important values for effective facilitation: encourage full participation, promote mutual understanding, foster inclusive solutions and cultivate shared responsibility. These are tough and challenging goals but worthwhile because they lead to better outcomes.
“Couravel’s work meant people understood what we mean by ‘Great’. This had motivational benefits for our people, benefits for customers in terms of service, for our positioning in the sector, for how we look to the regulatory authorities, to the impact we have on influencing Government Policy, to the speed with which we change and to the overall performance of the business.”

Organisation Development Director, Orbit Housing Group


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