Leading Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is throwing up a range of people issues which we explored with a group of leaders from private, public and third sector organisations. This blog is based on that conversation and co-authored with Martin Gilbraith. Martin and Mike Pounsford will be presenting a Big Conversation session at the IAF international conference in Paris on October 14th. A version of this article also appeared in the September 2017 edition of the Global Flipchart

Ten characteristics of effective strategic conversations


Creating organisational narratives and more effective conversations about strategy is an increasing concern for many organisations. Here are 10 things to think about that will help make those conversations more effective.

Platforms for Communicating Purpose and Strategy


Different approaches for developing strategic conversations in your business from Big Conversations through to Gamification. What each involves, what their respective strengths are, and what's important to make them work.

Building a sense of Purpose


Written to help people think through the scope of the conversation they may want to have to define Purpose for their organisation, or part of it. It provides a guideline for helping to think about the most appropriate way to frame the inquiry. It also provides links to other resources, articles and books that may be helpful.

Measuring change


Scientists claim to be able to discern changes in emotional responses amongst groups of people. Imagine if, in real time, we could monitor levels of stress or positive emotions at work and track the impact on people of what’s happening. It would move the measurement of change to another level. Could it be possible? Would it be ethical?

Presentation to Association for British Psychologists


Hilary Scarlett and I presented and ran a workshop at the November 2015 ABP conference. We talked about the work we did helping leaders at four UK organisations apply learning about Neuroscience to the leadership of change. What went down well was the practical examples we provided of how people changed the way they led meetings, provided feedback and coaching, adapted communication and engaged with people. The evidence which is in the presentation here demonstrated how much difference this made, including hard data from BAE Systems about the impact on productivity.


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