we can develop narratives

Develop narratives, process and skills to motivate people around vision or strategy

  • One of the key drivers of employee engagement and performance is a strategic narrative that helps people connect what they do to the bigger picture. We help many leadership teams work on how best to develop and communicate mission, vision, strategy and short and long-term goals. The challenges involve building shared ownership and responsibility amongst the leadership team, combining different themes, incorporating external and internal challenges and maintaining focus.
“Your strength is an unparalleled approach to relationships with your clients. I have never known an external team with such an ability to integrate into their client’s team - to a point where the relationships are seamless and the agenda vision and mission are as one. On this programme there was one team and one programme with each team member playing their part with no reference to the home company. Such a relationship with an external provider is unique in my experience and also very refreshing. This is not just a case of going the extra mile it's a case as going as many miles as it takes to reach the goal.”

Communications Director, BAE Systems


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