What We Do

Clients come to us with a variety of questions. Typically examples are:

  • How can we unite the leadership team behind a common vision?

We help leadership teams provide purpose and meaning for everyone. It is increasingly difficult in disruptive times to provide a coherent vision, although it’s times like this when it is most needed. We work with individual members of the leadership team and with the group together. We get input and perspectives from employees, managers and, sometimes, external partners and customers. We design and help lead the conversations that normally involve tough decisions about what we will and will not do, and that help clarify what the offer is to customers, employees and others. The process itself has to be engaging – which means it’s got to be both challenging and stimulating, involving left field thinking, employ both words and visuals and build stronger relationships within the team.

  • How can we communicate our vision to give it meaning for everyone, to help them see how they contribute and to inform the day-to-day decisions they make?

Line of sight between individuals and the bigger picture is an important driver of engagement. If I feel that my work is contributing to a bigger and meaningful goal and that everyone in the business is pulling towards the same goal, then I’m more likely to feel that I belong and that my work is worthwhile. We have a track record of creating processes that help deliver this.

  • How can we create stronger ambassadors for our business so we provide consistent, high-level customer service?

In many organisations the people are the face of the company and the way they interact with customers and other external stakeholders plays a major role in shaping the reputation of the business. These front-line relationships can differentiate and build or destroy value. We design and deliver workshops and processes that help teams link their goals to the business strategy and that help individuals think through how they support the brand

  • How can we help our leaders and managers improve their engagement skills?

They say people join companies but leave managers. The manager is the critical human link between the individual and the corporation. In these days of increasing social and mobile communication platforms, when attracting and retaining talent seems to be a recurring issue across all industries, this has never been more important. Yet managers’ behaviours are driven in large part by what they perceive leaders to do and value; and increasingly managers themselves are trying to lead others while their future roles and positions are uncertain. This has created a premium on skills and tools to create engaging workplaces. We provide help by designing and delivering bespoke programmes to increase leaders and managers capabilities in this area

  • How do we assess and evaluate our engagement needs?

Those in the centre need feedback to find out what is working and why, what isn’t and what we can do about it. We’ve helped numerous companies analyze their engagement needs and develop programmes to respond to the emerging data.

“Your strength is an unparalleled approach to relationships with your clients. I have never known an external team with such an ability to integrate into their client’s team - to a point where the relationships are seamless and the agenda vision and mission are as one. On this programme there was one team and one programme with each team member playing their part with no reference to the home company. Such a relationship with an external provider is unique in my experience and also very refreshing. This is not just a case of going the extra mile it's a case as going as many miles as it takes to reach the goal.”

Communications Director, BAE Systems


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