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During the research we conducted into Listening across Europe, we became increasingly convinced that:


  1. Effective listening has a direct impact on both the performance of a business and the wellbeing of the people who work within it
  2. Listening has to be developed at a systemic level, rather than adopting ad hoc approaches
  3. Communicators have the opportunity to make a significant difference by shifting the balance from an emphasis on transmitting messages to an emphasis on receiving and understanding the voice of employees


We were invited by Lansons Communications to discuss our work for their podcast.  Here is a recording of the conversation between Megan Murray-Jones, Howard Krais, Mike Pounsford, and Dr. Kevin Ruck.


Click here to hear the recording



The Listening Project is a collaboration with Howard Krais and Dr. Kevin Ruck.  As well as our reports (see two recent conversations on this site), the survey across Europe, Middle East and Africa and various webinars and workshops we are shortly launching a global Listening Survey.


What motivates us is the belief that organisations can improve performance, innovation, resilience, and wellbeing by listening effectively to their people.  Our work with the IABC Foundation is helping supply the evidence and stories to back up the claim.

PR Academy and Couravel are running an online course commencing July 2020 and repeating a number of times for experienced communicators and HR professionals to develop the Listening Capabilities of their organisations.