to transform your business

We understand the people side of change

for your people

and strategies to life

We help you bring visions

to drive your success

We help people take responsibility at all levels

to make a difference

We motivate people to take action

What we do

We design and lead conversations for change

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We help you understand what change really means for your people to help you introduce new ways of working.


We help you create inspirational visions and bring them to life throughout your business.


We help people at all levels to solve problems together and design effective plans for change.


BAE Systems

We helped create the vision for the single largest investment in skills for the UK’s Aerospace Industry.


We’ve helped TUI build understanding of the firm’s strategy amongst a dispersed workforce of 18,000 people globally.

Tata Steel

We helped TATA build internal support for their re-brand amongst top managers after their merger with Corus.


We designed and led a large group intervention across the HR function to build a shared vision and improve customer service and team working.

Natural England

Natural England

We helped Natural England motivate and support staff at every level to become enthusiastic advocates for their organisation with external stakeholders.

Oxfam GB

We worked with an in-house team to design a process to reawaken a sense of common purpose throughout Oxfam GB using visualisations and storytelling.

New Look

We helped bring the strategy to life at New Look


We developed strategic communication for GSK’s global supply chain

How we work

Clients tell us they like the fact that we work in an open, transparent way and are good at listening and challenging. We aim for a relationship that builds trust and learning on both sides.

Generate powerful insights

We see the world through the eyes of the people who do the work, using a variety of ways to gain insight.

We find what matters to people, and what will make a difference. What gives energy to people? How clear are expectations and purpose? What is the quality of relationships? What communication supports high performance?

Our data helps identify areas for positive change. Our approach to collecting and sharing data is a key part of the change process.

Bring people together

Why do so many change initiatives fail? Sustainable change is only built through genuinely involving people in the process of change.

We employ participative planning tools that help teams and leaders to work out solutions to difficult problems together. As a result, there is shared ownership of planned changes and people throughout the workforce take more responsibility for their progress.

Make it tangible

Making issues tangible and real for people helps them understand the reasons that changes need to be made. This, in turn, helps build a shared commitment to making the changes happen amongst your workforce.

We use visualisation and other techniques to clarify collective goals, motivate action and generate momentum.  We measure the impact of our work so that you can be confident that we have made a difference.



“Couravel’s strength is an unparalleled approach to relationships with clients. I have never known an external team with such an ability to integrate into their client’s team – to a point where the relationships are seamless and the agenda vision and mission are as one.”

“Couravel helped identify that we were not appealing to our peoples core values, and they translated our business strategy into a journey that is easier to communicate. We have updated it over three years and they have encouraged us to measure the impact of our communication and helped us identify the less tangible, but no less important, benefits of our communication.”

“It is the best piece of communication I have seen in 25 years – fun, innovative and simple to use.”

“Couravel has provided a fast and effective way to help us deliver against our project milestones, and introduce new ways of working at an operational and a cultural level.”

Who we are

Couravel has been working on the people side of change for over 30 years.  Advances in technology and mobility means that for most businesses, “change” is now a constant.  Our global and local clients in the private, public and third sectors come to us because of the practical and strategic support we can provide in designing and running effective interventions and sustained development programmes to help their people get to grips with the challenges and opportunities change brings.

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