Leading the Listening Organisation

Leading the Listening Organisation was published in early 2024. It is the result of 5 years’ research and years of experience working within client organisations.

We believe that listening is at the heart of effective communication and change. When clients want to communicate purpose or strategy, or lead changes in ways of working, effective implementation always relies on listening.

Our book addresses a misbalance. For years communication has emphasised transmission over receive. We have looked at why this is the Listening Age, why listening matters and what gets in the way. The book explores great practices and provides a comprehensive round up of ways to listen, including chapters devoted to digital listening and employee resource groups. As the title suggests this book is focused on how leaders create organisations that listen well. No amount of good processes and systems will help the business if the leadership is not open, responsive and empathetic. The book explores how leaders who are tuned in to employees’ perspectives reap benefits in innovation, change and performance. The final chapters cover the role of leadership, how to create a listening climate and our leadership listening model. This brings together capabilities, processes, principles, and outcomes – illustrating how leaders can create organisations that flourish through effective listening.

Co-authored by Mike Pounsford with Howard Krais and Dr. Kevin Ruck, the book marries original research, academic background and practical advice.

The book is available from good bookshops, Amazon or direct from Routledge here.

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