Couravel wins lead supplier role on COI framework

In the last month Couravel has won a major role in the COI’s Internal Communication, Engagement and Change Framework. Couravel is recommended for a wide range of internal communications, engagement and change consultancy services.

The Central Office of Information (COI) is the Government’s centre of excellence for marketing and communications. Every four years it assesses suppliers to ensure high quality services are available to Government departments and agencies. Following a rigorous assessment process a shortlist of suppliers is published.

Following the latest assessment Couravel has been appointed to the Internal Communication, Engagement and Change Framework. We feature under twice as many categories as any other company. Couravel features on the framework for: Strategy and planning

  • Workforce and employee engagement
  • Leadership communication
  • Manager skills development and coaching
  • Vision and values development
  • Employee and workforce engagement
  • Measurement
  • Action planning


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