Creating a Listening Organisation – ODN session and Report Links

I’ll be talking at the ODN Europe conference on Friday September 23 about Creating a Listening Organisation.  We’ll be exploring:

  • Why organisations that listen well to their people are critical for success in emerging hybrid organisations
  • How difficult it is to achieve effective listening at an organisational level
  • Key factors and strategies that can improve listening

Here are links to all the recent Listening Reports that I have written with Howard Krais and Dr Kevin Ruck:

  1. Who’s Listening? – Small scale EMENA Research Project, December 2019
  2. Who’s Listening? – Good Listening Practice, June 2020
  3. Who’s Listening? – From Measurement to Meaning, Global Survey, Spring 2021
  4. Who’s Listening? – The Critical Role of Senior Leaders, Spring 2022
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