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Pictures are more attractive

The more people understand purpose, vision and strategy, and appreciate how they support these, the more likely it is that the organisation will deliver effectively.   This makes intuitive sense and is borne out by consistent correlations between employee engagement and performance.  Understanding of purpose and strategy, and my contribution, is a recurring theme in employee […]

Visualise your strategy to help people remember it

Leading organisations requires aligning people behind purpose and common goals.  This essential task also meets employees increasing desire to know the purpose of the organisations they work for1, and customers are increasingly likely to expect employers to demonstrate social responsibility including consideration of the knowledge and welfare of their people.  To meet these needs, leaders […]

Deep listening organisations

    Five things that differentiate great listening organisations Recent global research I conducted with Howard Krais, Dr Kevin Ruck and the IABC Foundation established that in over 550 organisations effective listening delivers more innovation, better change management and the creation of a sense of fairness. As we emerge from the pandemic these outcomes are going to be critical for all employers. […]

From Data to Action

How to ensure a response to feedback from employees Responding to employee feedback is a major challenge.  Globally, only 42% of communication managers agree that their organisation “Responds promptly to feedback” (source: Who’s Listening Report 2021).  Those organisations that do respond promptly show the strongest associations with the capability to manage change effectively, developing innovative […]

Third Listening Report published

Here is our latest Listening Report that features the results of our Global Research into how organisations listen to their employees.  Conducted with Howard Krais and Dr Kevin Ruck the report is based on the views of over 500 organisations.   Key themes are that: Good listening is linked to the effective management of change […]

Creating a listening culture: Responding to surveys

How do you ensure a response to employee survey results? Moving from data to action is one of the biggest pain points in effective listening. The hallmark of an attractive company is caring about peoples’ opinions and giving people a voice. As we face post-Covid changes to working practices, listening will become more important. A […]

Listening podcast – why listening matters

During the research we conducted into Listening across Europe, we became increasingly convinced that:   Effective listening has a direct impact on both the performance of a business and the wellbeing of the people who work within it Listening has to be developed at a systemic level, rather than adopting ad hoc approaches Communicators have […]

The Listening Project and new online course

The Listening Project is a collaboration with Howard Krais and Dr. Kevin Ruck.  As well as our reports (see two recent conversations on this site), the survey across Europe, Middle East and Africa and various webinars and workshops we are shortly launching a global Listening Survey.   What motivates us is the belief that organisations […]

Good Listening Practice

Link to report: – Couravel_Listening_Report_Project_2_Good Practice I’m delighted to share the results of the second report that Howard Krais, Dr. Kevin Ruck and I have published.  With the help of the IABC Foundation we have spoken to serial winners of the Gold Quill, a rigorously evaluated International Communicators’ Award.  To win a Gold Quill entrants […]